Wio Terminal to Respeaker 2-mics Pi hat connection

What are the minimum connection required to play a sound? Can you let me know the exact connection diagram?

see https://wiki.seeedstudio.com/Wio-Terminal-Audio-Overview/

I do not want to connect each of the 40 pins (I do not have 40 male to male jumper wires). Can you please let me know only those pins I need to connect to play a sound from Wio terminal to Respeaker 2-mics hat?

Ah ok , it’s not ‘simple’ 2 wire analog, it’s digital out So my guess is you need the I2S connection for digital audio.

Yes, it is not so simple. They are using I2S and I2C both. I connected all I2C and I2S but still the demo is not working (no sound output). I wanted to make sure if any pin I have missed. Otherwise I guess connecting all to all would work.

you have pin 3/5 and pin 27/28 / DAC0 / DAC 1 / i2S 4X :thinking:
if you have a Respeaker 2-mics hat, is it not easier to use a 40p dual row with long pins ?

I am able to get some sound connecting all I2S and Grove I2C but the I2C on the header does not work. Also the sound is very inaudible with lot of noise but it is playing the wav file correctly.

do you use the wav player example code ?

if I have time I’ll try tomorrow too … have a hat

I used this example.

I tried the same. I checked the signal with an oscilloscope, but the data was output from I2S_SDIN (BCM20). Is the circuit of Wio Terminal correct? Looking at the circuit diagram, it looks like the following.

I2S_SDIN - PA21/I5/SERCOM3+5.3/I2SDO/TC7.1+TCC1.5+0.1/PTC
I2S_SDOUT - PA22/I2C/16/SERCOM3.0+5.1/I2SDI/TC4.0+TCC1.6+0.2/PTC