Wio Terminal Setup Problems

I have a WIO Terminal, I installed Arduino IDE and installed the Wio Terminal board and called tup he Blink program. At first, when I plugged in the Wio Terminal to the USB port. Com3 found the Wio and the blue light started to blink and I tried to upload the Blink program.
I got n error message during upload. I saw a flash of disk drive D but it disspaears quickly. Now, The PC with Win10 does not find the Wio when plugged in to the USB port. Now the green lights up but display is dark.
What has happened.

After turning on the Wio Terminal, quickly dial down the on/off button twice, and when the computer appears with a USB drive called Arduino, try uploading the code again to see.


The WIO terminal appears dead, it will no longer lights up or respond to the on-reset button. The computer Com port no longer appears to find th WIO terminal.
How do I get the WIO to wake -up?
Thanks Tom

Please try to restore the factory firmware according to the wiki.


I went to the Seeed Studio Wiki
At trouble started at step 1.
I opened the power shell and typed
cd -
git clone https://github.com/Seeed-Studio/ambd _flash_tool
My pc with Win10 displayed error messages and would pick up the files.
I am a hobbiest with not a lot of github experience so detail help is needed to erase factory firmware