Wio-Terminal SD card not working?

I think my Wio-Terminal is defective. I can only get a micro SD card to fit in the card reader if the metal contacts face up (the same direction as the screen). The card is also held very loosely in the reader. Finally, I can’t get the Wio-Terminal to recognize the SD card. Is it broken, or is it just me?


We can give you some suggestions. Firstly, check whether the SD card capacity meets the requirements. Wio-Terminal supports a maximum of 16GB MicroSD Card. At the same time, you can also change to another SD card to try whether it can be recognized. If it still does not work, we will proceed. step.
We can also try to reset Wio Terminal, the specific method is as shown in the figure below.

Hi Doug - it may be that you are just not pushing it in properly? - you have to do this with your fingernail until it clicks into place. If it doesn’t click into place then yeah there is probably something wrong. You could open the case and take a look.