Wio Terminal screen stopped working

I can no longer do anything with the screen except turn the backlighting on and off.
The examples I’ve tried don’t work.

I’ve ordered another Wio Terminal to see if it’s my code or a hardware problem.

What exactlly happened?

Old tft library issues?

I am curious if you tried a reset or tried to put it in boot loader mode? I doubt it would help but it would be the first thing I would try.

Did you happen to open it up?

I do not know what happened. There was a board upgrade to version 1.7.5. Now it doesn’t work. I uninstalled all of the Arduino IDE and re-installed it. No good. My on-screen keyboard code (you’ve seen it elsewhere in the forum) now shows a black screen and that’s all until I turn the backlight on and it shows all white.

Yes I reset it many times.
I don’t see what value it would be to put it in boot loader mode.

This could be a library issues, try roll back to 1.7.2?

See if the LCD comes back on.

I tried that also. 1.7.1 also. No good.

The same thing happened to me. I spent days trying to figure it out. Even bought new terminals and they had the same issue. I read somewhere online that it was caused by one of the libraries. I deleted all my libraries and reinstalled and was able to get my new terminals to work as the tutorial shows. However, the terminal that had the orginal issue is still having problems. Screen Turns white, but doesnt display text or background color.
The game worked when I first got it, so I think the screen is ok, Maybe it needs a firmware update?

You can download and put the circuitpython in Wio Terminal to test whether it is a hardware problem.

Please try this.

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Hi there,
I have exactly the same issue.
I download “20210108-seeed-ambd-firmware-rpc-v2.1.1-JP.zip” and
I flash my Wio Terminal but without success.
Screen uniform black or uniform white with lcd_backlight ON.
Why this ?
I’ll try with Python…
… Yes, with Python, it works well with text.
I have not figured out how to make a drawing (squares, rounds, colored triangles) with Python on Wio Terminal.
Why ?

I had the exact same problem: using Arduino code the screen didn’t display anything, but using Python it worked.

Problem was I work with 2 different plaforms: the Seeed WIO Terminal and the M5StickC (nice toy BTW).
The TFT_eSPI for M5 doesnt work with the WIO Terminal and I overwrote it. Reinstalling the TFT_eSPI for WIO Terminal solved my problem.
I now have created 2 distinct Arduino environments for both platorms (2 Sketches/library folders, 2 Preferences folder).

It worked for me, YMMV.

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Hi @LeH21,

Please try @sburlot 's solution and check whether it works.

In the meantime, to answer your next question, you could follow the video below to get started with the LCD using Python on the Wio Terminal.

Hope it helps.

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Yes, it is true that libraries can sometimes be mixed.
I deleted all libraries and I reinstalled that regarding my current project.
And it works great. Thank you for your help.

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I find that the Wio Terminal Library cannot work with the TFT library. It is probably because of the implicit name of the library. Deleting the TFT library will make the screen work. Please fix this issue, or correct the confusing instructions in the LCD overview.


Can I know which TFT library you are referring to?

In the meantime, if you update ArduinoCore-samd of Wio Terminal to version 1.8.1 within Arduino IDE, you will have the LCD library already included.

  • STEP1: Open Arduino IDE
  • STEP2: Click Tools -> Board -> Boards Manager
  • STEP3: Type Wio Terminal in the search box and select 1.8.1 as the version from the drop-down menu
  • STEP4: Click Install

Following is the source code:

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I am referring to TFT repository stated in the Overview of LCD instructions:
Seeed-Studio/Seeed_Arduino_LCD: Arduino and PlatformIO IDE compatible TFT library optimised for the STM32, ESP8266 and ESP32 that supports different driver chips (github.com)

There is really no need to use this library. Actually, install this library with the ArduinoCore-samd one will make the LCD never light up.

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As stated in the wiki below, you don’t have to install the TFT LCD library separately because it comes with the ArduinoCore-samd v1.8.1 of Wio Terminal as I have mentioned before.

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Yes. You may have this TFT_eSPI installed from a previous project. Just delete it and the Wio terminal will default to the one that came in the Wio package. That worked for me.

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