WIO Terminal resource?

I received 2 of these board just recently. One of the key (middle) is not working and after open it up and check, I found that it is not soldered properly. Where may I find some information on how to fix this and if there is schematics or gerber available to take a look at how the try is routed in case I need to jumper a wire?


I’m really sorry for giving you a bad shopping experience.Any unusual pictures?Maybe I can help you.

I hope this will attach the screen shot.

I think the solder paste applied to the joint maybe less than enough or the pad maybe too small. There seems to be 4 pads on the key itself. 2 in the front for attaching the key to PCB and 2 in the back for contact trace. If you can see the photo attached, the key is lifted from the PCB in the front, indicating that the solder pad in the front is not holding the key in place. This is very hard is line QC to find even with AOI (automatic optical inspection).

I can try to ask help from friend to get access to microscope and soldering station here (in silicon valley). And if the information is available, maybe I can get it fixed and work.



Hi @Leonard_Tsai
From the picture, it seems that you are right.
Please refer to this page, there have schematics in the learn and documents.