Wio Terminal Python and WiFi


One of the main reasons I purchased the Wio Terminal was for the WiFi. Can you let me know when this will be supported by the MicroPython environment please ?


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Hi @Andrew_Holt

For now, the Wi-Fi on ArduPy is under development, it will be released in Q3. Sorry for any problems caused. We are speeding this process up.

Watching this closely as well, hope you can make it on Q3 already :grinning:

Wow, looking forward to it! :smiley:

Any updates? Iā€™m very excited to use it!


Is Wifi finally enabled for micropython, on WIO Terminal ?

Thank you for the answer.

O. Blain

is there any news ? micropython/circuitpython without wifi and bluetooth is totaly useless

really love this device , but will be perfect (better than M5stack products) if only wireless ā€¦

please make an effort.