Wio terminal overvoltage protection

back pinout should have overvoltage protection.
Accidently applied 12v to 5v pinout. for few seconds, the wio terminal no longer works. lcd not working , computer not recognising wio terminal.
is the wio terminal completely usesless now, or something can be done to bring it back to life?


Does it still have a working light on?

when i connect to pc through usb power type c, nothing happens, there is no working light. However when i power the wio through 3,3v back pin connector, the supply shows indicated load possibly signifying 3.3v power rail is working, but still no working light.

green led is working now. i removed the burnt MP2161GJ step down converter and then powered the wio with 3.3v via pin header and the green led is turned on but lcd is not working neither is it connecting to the pc.

now green led on and connecting to pc but not able to upload firmware, still lcd does not switch on

the following 2 components might be damaged by 12V