Wio Terminal Next Generation Ideas

I really like the Wio Terminal but I’m facing some annoying limitations.

Here are some ideas for the next generation:

  • Provide a larger and higher-resolution screen, eg. 3.2" 480x320 with capacitive touch.
  • Expose the SWD signal with the standard 2x5 0.05" connector for easy debugging.
  • Mount the light sensor and the IR transmitter on the front panel, not the rear panel as they are covered by the battery extension.
  • Since the Wio Terminal is IoT-capable, feature OTA for program upload.
  • Include a battery monitor, either through some basic voltage reading or with more advanced battery management controller (eg. BQ27520-G4 or BQ27441-G1).
  • Improve alignment between the cases of the Wio Terminal and the Chassis Battery (as they currently show a 1mm misalignment both vertically and horizontally).
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Baozhu Any news on those suggestions?

I have updated the initial post as the new battery features monitoring.

Thank you!