Wio terminal -- lorwan/gps chasis --- failure with Serial1 communication

I am trying to get the lorawan/gps chasis to work. Traced the problem to Serial1 communication from the wio terminal to the lorawan/gps chasis. The wio terminal sent AT\r\n and got no answer back.

The Serial1 port was setup for 9600 bps.

Need help getting the lorawan/gps chasis to work.

Couldn’t get the wio-terminal to work with lorawan/gps chasis. dragged and dropped WioLoRaWANFieldTester_LoRaE5_ALLZONE.uf2 from WioLoRaWANFieldTester/SETUP.md at master · disk91/WioLoRaWANFieldTester · GitHub<https://github.com/disk91/WioLoRaWANFieldTester/blob/master/doc/SETUP WioLoRaWANFieldTester_LoRaE5_ALLZONE.uf2> to Arduino drive, wio-terminal to enter the setting interface, you can use the buttons to select Zone, but you cannot press the 5-way switch to enter the next step. The version of the program is 1.11, and other versions such as 1.3 and 1.5 of the above website have the same problem. It is normal to use a program to test the wio-terminal 5-way switch to test the button function of the 5-way switch. Adding the zip of disk91/WioLoRaWANFieldTester to the Arduino library cannot successfully run any sample programs of lora or GPS.

I emailed the quetions to SEEED tech support, the answers are
“You need to add the device on the helium console and obtain the lorawan certificate. If you have any questions about software installation, you can directly ask questions on github.”

I don’t think the answers are helpful.

Thanks for the reply.

I was trying to do a custom solution with the board. I noticed the post by Ralph Yammato about problems with the serial line on the WIO Terminal when using this board. I believe that my problem is bad hardware.