Wio Terminal LoRaWAN kit stopped working

My Wio terminal stopped working. The display was working properly yesterday and when I powered the unit up today, the screen is black.
I disconnected the LoRaWan module and tried to power the Wio only. Still a black screen.
If I connect to my computer and turn on twice quickly, it is recognized as a drive and I can see the three files on the unit.
I have tried multiple ways to power via USB C and the screen remains black.

Do I have a defective Wio ? If so, how do i get a replacement ?


I got the unit to work again by reinstalling the UF2 file from the disk91 github site.

Setup the Helium console per the instructions on Github and put in the DevEUI and AppEUI values from the device.

Not seeing any data on the unit and I have a gateway close by. Going to drive through an area with many gateways to see what I get.

In fact, you can consider getting a Lora gateway.