Wio Terminal LoRaWan Chassis does not work

I just purchased a LoRaWan Chassis for the Wio Terminal. I am trying to use it with the WioLoRaWanFieldTester application. I uploaded the WioLoRaWANFieldTester_LoRaE5_ALLZONE.uf2 and I was able to configure the Things Network settings, but when the application starts - the screen indicates that “LoRa board is missing”.

Is this a known configuration problem or do I have a defective unit. I’ve tried with and without a Battery chassis installed.

BTW, the pins on the LoRaWan chassis look short relative to the pins on the battery chassis.

I bought this unit from a distributor (DigiKey). Can I get a replacement from Seeed?


Hello, is this the product? I need more details to help you determine the problem.
By the way, if you purchased the product from digikey, you need to get them to replace it with a new one, thanks.

No, I just bought the LoRaWan Chassis - I already had the Wio Terminal and battery pack. This is the product - https://www.seeedstudio.com/Wio-Terminal-Chassis-LoRa-E5-and-GNSS-p-5053.html

The Wio Terminal apparently can’t communicate with the LoRa-E5.

I am using the .uf2 file for the WioLoRaWANFieldTester - https://github.com/disk91/WioLoRaWANFieldTester/blob/master/binaries/WioLoRaWANFieldTester_LoRaE5_ALLZONE.uf2