Wio Terminal is not working anymore

Wio Terminal was working good. Had proammed some examples. All good. Also flashed new firmware. No problems. Then was not using for a while. When I plugged in after weeks green light comes, and blue light is flashing very fast. But no message on screen. Windows 7 is not detecting the USB port any more. when the Wio is connected not reaction from PC… Also not possible to go to bootloader by clicking two times. This was working some weeks ago. Not possible to connect with pc for Arduino IDE and not possible to start bootloader. What can I do else?

What firmware did you update, do you have a link?

Confirm a few questions, and make sure that the cable connecting the Wio Terminal and the computer is a data cable that can transmit data, not a power cable that can only charge. If you are sure, if you have a J-link, I can send the firmware to you to try it out.