Wio terminal. How to generate a .UF2 to drag-n-drop to a second Wio terminal?

Same as topic. I hope someone can tell me whether Wio terminal supports drag-n-drop .UF2 firmware upload and how to generate a .UF2 file. I want to flash a second Wio terminal by drag-n-drop instead of going through Arduino IDE again. I want to send firmware to someone else without having to have them install all the libraries etc. Thanks.

Here is what I find and the boards don’t include Wio terminal:

So is there any way to have a tool that generates .UF2 for Wio terminal? I know it should be doable because this official tutorial has it:

Hi @zliudr ,
I know two ways.

  1. Copy from Arduino drive of the first Wio Terminal. (CURRENT.UF2 file)
  2. Use my UF2 converter site. ( https://seeedjp.github.io/uf2/ )


Hi Thanks @matsujirushi I didn’t know you could just copy and paste that CURRENT.UF2 but I’ll definitely check out your converter as well.

I can’t believe it was this easy. Thanks again @matsujirushi!

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