[Wio Terminal] How to build 5GHz Server on AP mode

I’m a developer in Japanese student, Ryo Takara.

I want to use the Wio Terminal to wireless communication on 5GHz Wi-Fi within a couple of Wio Terminal.

So, I want to ask about “How to make the Wi-Fi 5GHz server on AP mode?”

Then I made an Arduino program, which is to wirelessly connect within a couple of Wio Terminal.
Without 2.4GHz.

That program is able to communicate within a couple of Wio Terminal, but I couldn’t find out the “How to change the 2.4GHz or 5GHz?”

So, please let me teach that.

@RyoTak We will release the new WiFi software in a week, and then we will support 5G AP.

Thank you!
I wonder “How to build that?”
I looking forward that WiFi software.
But, I want to developing on Arduino IDE.
Is it able to?

We’re going to prepare videos like this and we’re going to teach you how to use it step by step. @RyoTak


Hi, I thank about your teaching.
But, I couldn’t find out new WiFi software, which Mr. Baozhu mentioned.
So, could you tell me about the software.

Hi @RyoTak

The new WiFi firmware is under testing, and there should be a beta verision for public very soon!

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