Wio Terminal FPC header and Camera

The slot in the side of the Wio Terminal case allows for a 20 pin FPC cable for a camera to be inserted. I would like to interface a camera to my Wio Terminal and I would appreciate suggestions for what would be a suitable camera and cable to use. I would guess that Seeed would be planning on releasing a camera but before I can purchase that I would like to play around with a camera. Any ideas?

Thanks for developing and supporting such an awesome product!

Haha, we are developing a corresponding camera.We also have tinyCV for users, please check out our website.


Good to hear about the camera. It will be interesting to see what you develop. I couldn’t find tinycv.

It hasn’t been released yet.You can understand why OpenCV was ported to the MCU.

A bit of investigation and I think an OV7670 will work on the 13 pins available on the FPC connector. HREF can be left unconnected and RESET and PWDN can be tied high and low respectively. I have one of those cameras on a breakout board. I think the camera could also hang off the Raspberry Pi connector as well.

Adafruit are developing a library using that camera attached to a SAMD51 board but it uses the MCUs Parallel Capture Controller and the dedicated pins have other/better uses on the WIO Terminal.

So it looks like I can make progress. My real goal is to use color output from a 32x24 MLX90640 IR camera as an overlay on top of a grayscale camera image. The frame rates won’t be fantastic but it should look pretty.

The hardware connection is fine, we already have some prototypes.

@Baozhu Any progress on the camera?