Wio terminal edge impulse compile error

I’m trying to compile a program for the Wio Terminal using an Edge Impulse library with the Arduino IDE on Windows. I’m getting an linking error due to the file name exceeding Windows limit of 32k characters. Edge Impulse has a platform.local.txt file for the Adafruit SAMD51 to fix this. Will that file work with the Wio Terminal or do you have a file that I should use?


This project provides CI compilation tests that work.


I already had the libraries installed for the IDE. I just used the platform.local.txt file for the Adafruit SAMD51 since the compilation directives are the same and it fixed my problem.

Hi @ralphjy, I was facing the same issue? How did you solved this?

Have you resolved this issue

I am surprised that this is still an issue. You need to follow the instructions in this file: http://cdn.edgeimpulse.com/drivers/samd51-arduino/platform.local.txt and include the platform.local.txt file in the appropriate samd directory for the Wio Terminal.

It’s been quite a while since I did this. The hardware packages may have been updated, but I think it should still work. This was supposed to have been fixed with a CLI update. This was specifically to fix the filename length error.