Wio Terminal disconnected from USB (Mac)

On my MacBook, when I reset twice the WIO terminal, the USB port shows up and I can download the script without problem. Then, when the WIO terminal restarts to execute the code, the USB connection is lost, preventing from using the Serial Monitor or Plotter. If I reset twice again, the USB port shows up again but the WIO terminal waits for download and does not execute the script. This problem occured on my MacBook Pro after a few scripts downloads and runs, it was not the case before when the WIO terminal was brand new. Besides, it works fine with my PC/Windows.
Please help !

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Follow those steps, hope it will help -

  • Check Cable: Use a different, known-good data cable to rule out cable issues.
  • Reset WIO Terminal: Try a single reset (not double) and see if the connection persists after code execution.
  • Software Conflict: Close any other programs that might be accessing the WIO terminal (e.g., other IDEs).
  • Update Firmware: Check for and install any available firmware updates for your WIO terminal.
  • Reinstall Development Environment: If the above fail, consider reinstalling your development environment (e.g., PlatformIO).