Wio Terminal Clear Back Window Replacement

Just recieved my wio terminal. Fantastic little dev board. Everything works fine, but the clear back window is pretty badly scratched up. Is it possible to replace it easily without damaging the case? I was going to heatgun it till the glue came loose, but I am not sure about the heat strength of the plastic.

I’m really sorry for giving you a bad shopping experience.Any unusual pictures?Maybe I can help you.

Don’t worry it is fine. I am not sure how to show this clearly but those small marks are the scrapes. I am just wondering if it would be easy to remove with heat or force without damaging the case. It was much clearer during the day when I could bounce some sun off it. It doesn’t cause any issues with the sensor or emitter. Capture

Also I feel silly for asking this, but what is the difference between the 512kb of program memory listed and the 4 mb of external flash. Also of the 512kb I can only access 496kb.


For the clear plastic at the back, did you take off the protective film, if so and there were scratches we are very sorry for that QA.

The 512kb is the internal flash on the SAMD51 core and 4MB is the external SPI flash where you can store files and other firmware stuff(such as ardupy uses the 4MB to store py files).

You can only access 496kb as we do have the Arduino bootloader inside the chip already and that takes some space.