Wio Terminal + CircuitPython + Grove Motion Sensor

Hi I am trying to get the Moisture sensor working on circupty python.

I dont see this basic script anywhere with grove.

Do I have the right grove analog pin set?
I am not seeing any changes in the sensor?

import time
import board
from analogio import AnalogIn

analog_in = AnalogIn(board.A5)

def get_voltage(pin):
    return (pin.value * 1) / 1    
while True:
    print("Moisture Sensor Voltage: ", get_voltage(analog_in))
    time.sleep( 1)

Hi, perhaps you can try the right port and set the value as A1 or A0.

Looks like a5 in this pinout.

Where is the wio terminal pinout that says it’s A1 A0