Wio Terminal -- Can't Erase the Initial Wi-Fi Factory Firmware

I am using the Mac OS 13.5.2, trying to erase the initial Wi-Fi factory firmware, and I’ve also slid the power switch twice quickly, but no matter how hard I’ve tried, it still doesn’t work.

After I typed the command python3 ambd_flash_tool.py erase in terminal, I’ve got this error log below.

Set binary mode
version()=1.1 [Arduino:XYZ] Mar 12 2020 17:43:33
Connected at 921600 baud

SAM-BA operation failed
error: Enter Uart Download Mode
Image tool closed!


Thanks for any help.

Perhaps you can try to connect to the computer with another cable that can carry data

Here is also a solution for the error: Enter Uart Download Mode message.

Thanks a lot for your kindly help, it truly worked. :smiley:

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