Wio Terminal can not connect to a WiFi 6 AP

Hi All,

I just got my wio terminal for a few days.
While I am trying some WiFi and MQTT examples, I found that I can not get my wio terminal directly connected to my home’s main wifi AP which is a WiFi 6 one (the model is xiaomi AX1800).
After testing some connection situations, I find out the results as following:

  1. wio terminal -> AX1800 -> Internet NG,
  2. wio terminal -> tethered by Microsoft Surface Pro 4 -> AX1800 -> Internet OK,
  3. wio terminal -> tethered by mobile phone carrier -> Internet OK.
    Although case 2 can connect to internet but I hardly can get connected to a MQTT server (for example, test.mosquitto.org), the hit ratio is less than 10% and the connection will be stopped for about 7 telemetry sent. Case 3 is good for internet and MQTT connections.
    I have tested RPC firmware version 2.1.2 and 2.1.3, outcomes are the same.
    Also, there is an option of AX1800 to turn on WiFi 5 compatibility but it didn’t help.
    Just wondering if anyone has encountered the same problem and how to get around it ?
    Any idea is appreciated.

2021/08/23 Update:
Today, I find my old 802.11n AP and test whether wio terminal can get connected or not. The result is case 4 as following:
4. wio terminal -> 802.11n AP -> Internet OK.
And MQTT transmission is good and sending/receiving lots of telemetry without disconnection.