Wio Terminal buttons and others

From ArduPy how do I access the following:

  • The three buttons at the top of the case.
  • The trackpad, joystick thing.
  • LCD back light.
  • The grove connectors
  • WiFi
  • Current battery level (I have the add on)


@ansonhe97 Please refine this documentation as soon as possible. @Andrew_Holt ArduPy is currently making progress and we value the community’s input, so please provide some more.


It looks good, and it’s clearly early days. The only things I need is more documentation, and good examples.


@Baozhu, @Andrew_Holt, @ansonhe97 is there any documentation how to access Wio terminal buttons and joystick from ArduPy? It turns out it is rather simple with Map from the machine module. But I can not find it documented.