Wio Terminal - Board manager file is truncated

I bought two Wio Terminal units and am attempting to set up my Arduino environment to work with them. I am following the instructions here:

I was able to update the firmware successfully but have not been able to include the board manager URL shown in Step 3:


The file appears to be truncated and therefore not valid JSON which is skipped by the Arduino IDE when managing boards.

Can you please look at the file located at that URL and correct the truncation? I attempted to make a version by removing entries I didn’t appear to need, and the file now loads and installs. But it doesn’t appear to have solved my issue because I still have numerous errors.



I just bought the XIAO and can’t use the Arduino Editor neither.
So I just signed up to do the same complaint.

Seen the number of lines and the abrupt ending, I suspect an old limited default of max. lines to serve by the HTTP server.

It’s possible that it’s a limit on the server side, but there are other board files from Seeed that seem to be longer and download correctly.

Hopefully someone will see this message thread and resolve the issue.

I just saw another message in the forum that indicated the problem had been resolved. See this thread:

I just tested adding the board manager URL shown above into the Arduino IDE. It worked perfectly, and I was able to add the Seeed SAMD Boards package.

I then loaded the Blink example and uploaded it to the Wio Terminal. It worked fine. A few other tests with graphics and fonts confirmed that it’s working as expected.