Wio Terminal Battery no longer working

I purchased a Wio Terminal and battery last July 10th and have been using it on and off. Recently I found the battery was not lasting very long (less than 30 minutes) so I recharged it separately (not connected to Wio Terminal). I found no difference. Now I find that the battery doesn’t charge at all. I believe I may have the older version of the battery module (sku 103990463). What can I do?

Have you read the warning at the product page?


  1. This version of Wio Terminal battery chassis cannot turn off the power completely (no influence on usage).

  2. The charge current will be up to 1.5A, which may reduce battery life or cause other issues.

We are optimizing the design of the new version (the estimated release date is unavailable yet), and we recommend the new version if you are a beginner.

  • Please contact us (techsupport@seeed.cc) for tech support or exchange if you meet any problem during the usage of this version.

  • Please do NOT let the pins touch other objects when the power is on.

I did read the warning. I did not know if I was getting a newer version or the old version. However, given that I purchased it four months ago, I believe I should get a replacement unit and it should be the newer version. I will contact tech support as suggested.