Wio Terminal as Webserver

I’ve spent an… interesting… day at:


… trying to set my Wio Terminal up as a webserver.

Early on, we are told to update the Wi-Fi core of the RTL8720 before usage… and given a small sketch to check what version our core is after we try to do that.

But no indication I could find of what version number we should see when we do the check. Can anyone help?

I’ve got the sample code running… but it takes a long time… 10-30 seconds it seems like… to get past the “WiFi.begin”, and then it never leaves the “while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED)” loop.

Ideas? (And yes, I’m using Seeed_Arduino_mbedtls-dev)

All this using a Windows 10 PC.

(I’ve successfully set up webservers in other Arduinos before.)

I’ve been successful with the simpler “Scanning Wi-Fi Network Example Code”.

NOT successful with “Connecting to Specified Network Example Code”. (Fails the way the webserver code fails. And yes, I did put my ssid and password in, and AP is broadcasting the ssid. 2.4GHz WPA-2 Personal. (Arris Surfboard… Firewall set to medium. Reducing to “low” didn’t help.)