Wio Terminal as USB Keyboard Not Working

Just got a shiny new Wio Terminal, which I’d like to use as a USB HID device. As per the documentation, I’ve installed the Adafruit TinyUSB library and am trying the hid_keyboard example.

Unfortunately this doesn’t appear to make the Wio enumerate as an HID device, neither does pressing any of the buttons result in keyboard input.

Am I missing something needed to get this working?

Great to hear that you have got your Wio Terminal! Hope you are already having fun with it!

If you are using the code included in our wiki, which is based on the TinyUSB library, you first have to go to “Tools>USB Stack:” and select TinyUSB, inside the Arduino IDE.
Then only you can upload your code to the Wio Terminal.

However we recommend you to use another method based on the “keyboard.h” library from Arduino, because the TinyUSB API gets changed frequently and therefore old codes might not work.

We have created a brand-new video tutorial series called the “Wio Terminal Classroom” and in the 14th episode of this series, I have explained how to use the Wio Terminal as a keyboard by using the “keyboard.h” library and provided some simple and fun demos as well. So please follow that video here to learn more about using Wio Terminal as a keyboard!


Also this classroom series explain step-by-step on how to get started with the Wio Terminal quickly and easily! So please do follow that series by going into the series playlist on YouTube.

Also, I will update our wiki page according to the keyboard.h library!

Hope it all helps :slight_smile:



Thanks for your help, however uploading to the Wio is not the issue. The TinyUSB option is already selected in the Arduino IDE and the program compiles and uploads successfully.

Unfortunately the “keyboard.h” library is not suitable for my use case, as this will ultimately require a native USB or HID interface, not just keyboard inputs.