Wio Terminal + AMG8833 using pinout


I’m new to Wio Terminal, I have played around with RPI and Arduino before.

I currently have a Wio Terminal and wanted to try the Thermal Camera project.

I dont have the grove pin as I am using an old AMG8833 that i have.

Is it possible to connect the AMG8833 using the pinout instead of the grove connector?

Do I need to change anything in the sample code?

Thanks in advance!

It is also possible to use the dupont line.If you are connecting to the Grove interface, no code changes are required.

Hello, my AMG8833 is oldversion and my wio terminal can’t display thermal picture. Can someone helps me please? Thank you

Hey there, i am also facing a same issue. The terminal isn’t showing the thermal image from amg8833 that i have connected with grove to female pinout. The only thing that shows up in the terminal display is “thermal camera ok”.

Here’s the picture

I am assuming that my amg8833 (pictures shown in next reply) is older version that using pinout interface so it can not display the thermal image from wio terminal grove connector , different with newer version of amg8833 that using grove interface.

Please help me and thank you.

Here is my amg8833 with pinout connector. Please help.

Hey there mate! Sorry for bothering you. I would ask you how the wio terminal displays the termal image from amg8833 with pinout connector ? Currently i am facing this issues and i tried several ways but didn’t work at all. The details is on my recent reply. Please help and thank you brother.