Wio-Terminal 650mA battery - Red LED

I wanted the ability to leave the 650mA battery on at all times and to utilize the low power modes from the Wio-Terminal CPU. The red LED on the battery module would be a waste of power for my projects, and i was wondering if there is a way to disable it through code.

If the LED can’t be disabled through code, would there be any adverse effects if I removed the LED from the board or cut the trace?

EDIT: It seems that that Yellow LED is also on during normal operation, so my question also applies to that.



Hi @richard.seguin,

Please check the schematics for the battery chassis below.


It seems that the LEDs are not directly connected to the pins of SAMD51 and therefore you cannot turn them off using code.

I highly doubt that cutting the traces would make an impact on power saving, because these LEDs draw very little current.

And also, it’s not a very safe procedure to cut the traces physically.

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