WIO RP2040 WiFi Communication

I have recently got my hands on a WIORP2040-A…
And I cant get the networks request to work at all.
I have all 3 version of the firmware that are on the wiki, and no luck.
I have tried the provided socket example, and I get OSError: -1 on line “s.connect(addr)”.
I have tried using MicroPython’s urequests, to partial success. While I see the request being processed and served on the server, on the Thonny output I see nothing. Sometimes it gets stuck, sometimes it fails with OSError: -1.

I guess my questions is… Has anyone gotten the WIO rp2040 to succesfully communicate online? Has there been any firmware releases for the WIO RP2040 after 1.15.1-dirty?

I’m running into a similar issue. I can get it an ip address on my network but I can’t even use sockets to connect to any other network device local or outside.

My issues exactly.
I tried multpiple libraries but all failed on the response, either from the web, or a local server.
My guess is that the socket implementaion in circuitpython is bugged.
I tried two different boards and the same error occured.
I still find it odd that there is no more chatter about the issue.

There are a couple other issues in the forum that are basically tied to the issue you described here. Glad to know I’m not the only one going crazy. I made a post showing my issue as well (Wio RP2040 Module wifi issues). I’m with you on the socket library issue. From what I saw, I would guess it’s a class syntax issue. I’ve done it a thousand times where I don’t include the reference back to the class object (self). Otherwise I can’t imagine why the function call to “bind” for my socket object would error out saying it doesn’t exist.