Wio Node Arduino IDE programming(Help!)


I’ve been trying to program the Wio Node using Arduino IDE and I’d like to share what works and what doesn’t work for me :slight_smile:

First of all, the Node isn’t designed to be re-programmed other than through the Wio app. It has no Serial to UART converter on board so the micro USB socket is essentially just for power and not for transferring data.

A way around this is sacrificing a Grove connector and using the UART Grove port with an FTDI cable or similar Serial/UART converter. You have to pull some pins high and some pins low as is stated on the schematics to get the board to go into UART mode.

Doing this I am able to flash an Arduino sketch onto the Wio link sucessfully!

My problem however is this, after I flash the board, and verify that it works, the board’s red power LED does no longer turn on, and it no longer works using a battery or USB to power it. The only power source it seems to accept is if I hit the Grove connector with 3v.

It’s almost as if the original firmware pulls certain pins high or low or uses internal pull-ups to get everything to work normally, but this is just a wild guess…

Does anyone have any experience with Node’s being re-flashed using Arduino IDE? Or would anyone have any idea what the power issue could be?


Hi, I’m on the same boat!, it is impressive hoy poorly documented this is considering that the Link and Node have been around since at least 2015…

On the Wio Link (which i have working perfectly on Arduino IDE and other platforms) you have to define PIN 15 as an Output and pull it High on Setup, otherwise no power is applied to the ports. This also allows you to shut everything down on your Software.

I have yet to find which pin is the right one for the Node.

Let me know if you have any luck!!