Wio LTE (US) board manager setting & failed uploads

I am trying to use the Wio LTE (US) with the Arduino IDE. I have experience with the IDE but none with Wio LTE.

If I use: https://files.seeedstudio.com/arduino/package_seeeduino_boards_index.json in board manager and then search for Wio LTE, it doesn’t come up. But if I just search for Wio and install the latest version for the first item, I can select Wio LTE Cat.1 in Boards, compile, but upload fails.

I tried this in board manager instead: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Seeed-Studio/Seeed_Platform/master/package_legacy_seeeduino_boards_index.json and picked Wio Tracker. That will compile and also upload to the Wio LTE device. But sending SMS doesn’t work.

What is the correct location for use in Board Manager?

Hi, can you tell me the SKU of the product or a link to the details?

WioLte - USA Version SKU: 102991021 Board: Wio LTE Cat.1 v1.3

I was able to find this board definition: http://www.seeed.co.jp/package_SeeedJP_index.json which lists the Wio LTE Cat.1. Once installed and selected, the sketch compiles and will load onto the Wio. However, when switching back from DFU/BOOTLOADER mode to COM port, it now shows up as an Unknown Device in Device manager. Before using this, it would show up under Ports as a COM port.

Is this the correct entry for Board Manager, and how do I get the “normal” COM port back?


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Ok, I understand the situation, I will apply as soon as possible to help you test

Hi. I have same situation with WIO LTE EU version.
I have not successfully upload sketch.
Did situation solved?

The materials will be applied after the 22nd, and I will test for you later, sorry for the long wait

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I have been able to switch between loading programs and using the COM port successfully at this point, but that’s kind of irrelevant since Twilio no longer supports sending SMS text the way it used it, and the Wio LTE doesn’t support secure connections (https) in order to use other services that do allow sending SMS text. Unless the Wio LTE libraries can be upgraded to support secure connections, the device is pretty much limited for doing any meaningful IoT work going forward.

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We have also learned about the related problems, and R&D is working on how to solve this problem.

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Did you use this for correct board select?

I tried that, but it caused problems with using the COM port with Serial.print. So I used : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Seeed-Studio/Seeed_Platform/master/package_legacy_seeeduino_boards_index.json

Which allows you to load code onto the board and also monitor the COM port for Serial.print. However, since Twilio no longer supports SMS text, and the Wio LTE does not support secure connections, there isn’t much point in continuing to use the board.