Wio Lte M1/NB-IoT + socket TCP


I am having troubles in starting an tcp socket. I am trying this commands:

check_with_cmd(“AT+USOCR=6\r\n”, “”, CMD);

check_with_cmd(“AT+USOCO=1, “x.x.x.x”,10000\r\n”, “”, CMD);

check_with_cmd(“AT+USOWR=1,5,“TESTE”\r\n”, “”, CMD);

but the connection to the server says that it is not allowed. Any suggestions?

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Hi, there.

I tried the code you provided to us, but the problem you said did not reappear when we tried it. So we suggest you check the server firewall or network. Here is a LTE module debugging tool, I hope it can help you.


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Yes, it was from the server side.

Thank you!