Wio LTE GNSS antenna circuit not according to reference in datasheet?

I’m using the Wio Lte Cat.1 v1.3b (EC21-E) and was trying to get a fix on the integrated GNSS without success so far. I’m trying with the included GPS antenna, outside, under open sky and for over 10 minutes. But its just keeping responding +CME ERROR: 516 - which according to the datasheet translates to “no fix yet”
I confirmed the ANT_POWR is enabled. Then sending following AT commands and successfully receiving OKs:
AT+QGPSEND (here of course I get an error if it was not enabled before)

and then every 5 seconds:

Now I was wondering why the PCB layout is so different from the actual recommondation of Quectel. So before I’m going to take the solder-iron and try to get it closer to Quectels suggestions: might there be anything else what I missed, what might keep the GPS part of the EC21 from working??

Happy to hear your ideas.

For the reference here the Quectel Datasheet and Schematics:

@kevin.yang.live What do you think of this problem? I’m sure your engineers can answer it.