Wio LTE Cat.NB-IoT gets registered to network whereas Wio LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT Tracker doesn't get registered with same sim

On SARA-N410-02B based board (Wio LTE Cat.NB-IoT) my NB-IOT,T-mobile SIM is getting registered to network and I’m able to send the MQTT packets to server.

Whereas in on SARA-R410M-02B module (‘Wio LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT Tracker’) SIM is not getting registered to the Network and also the radio signal strength command returns 99,99.

the library of Wio LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT Tracker( <LINK_TEXT text=“https://github.com/lanselambor/WioLTE_C … no_Library”>https://github.com/lanselambor/WioLTE_Cat_NB1_Arduino_Library</LINK_TEXT>), is used in both the modules. What can be the issue.

Hi Rahman,

can you please try the official lib https://github.com/Seeed-Studio/Wio_LTE_Arduino_Library , please share the log if you still getting the error.

Could you send a picture about the SIM card format and insertion direction.