WIO LTE cat.1 AU version tracker

Good afternoon.

Recently I purchased the Wio LTE Cat.1 Au version tracker for my school project, but I encountered two major issue which I have to seek for your help to check the issue. Issues are listed below:

  1. As the Wio LTE AU board I’m using in Singapore, and I insert SIM card inside. After uploading the program from wiki to the board, it could send message to my number, but it only can read one message send back from my phone by Espruino and the program will clash, if using arduino web IDE will not receive any message.

  2. I could not able to use GPS function either through espruino or arduino by this board, with SIM LTE/GPS or even insert Grove GPS module into UART port. It always says Uncaught GPS not ready and also I typed into GeoLoc() is same. When using the GPS module, it all shows NAN for GPS location.

    Please help…

Hi there,

We tried the SMS Read code in Wiki, and received several SMS messages successfully.

We recommended to use official Arduino IDE, please see arduino.cc.

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Thanks for your reply.

Can i know that is the version of WIO board you upgraded to? Currently I tried only can use command Wio.ReceiveSMS with the

#include <WioLTEforArduino.h> library could work, not the #include “wio_tracker.h” library.

One more thing is the GPS function cannot work, I tried to use the GPS build in board and grove GPS module connected to UART port, all cannot get the GPS location. Since it is my project main function, can you provide some suggestion on it? I purchased AU version and used in Singapore, is that GPS standard issue?


Hi there,

I used Wio LTE Cat.1 EU version. WioLTEforArduino.h seem to be used with Groves, wio_tracker.h can be downloaded in


I have been in situations where GPS signals are not searchable, but when I installed GPS antenna and placed them in an open space, they could search for GPS signals.

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Hi Xianning,

Is that because I purchased and used AU version?

I tried out either GPS antenna (RFsister) plug into GNSS port or i purchased grove GPS plug into UART port, both cannot get GPS location. Btw I tested at school lab, not outside. The coding and library for GNSS test I tried Espruino and Arduino IDE with library that Seeed studio provided on wiki. Is there some way that I can directly liaise with you?




Hi Yiqian,

Whichever version of Wio you use should not affect GPS. If you want to use GPS indoors, I recommended that you can put it next to a window, it might work better.

My operators can only support EU version, so I am sorry I can not test AU version for you. But it can receive SMS once, it should receive more.

My E-Mail Address is xianning.lan@seeed.cc, you can keep in touch with me by posting here or email me.

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