Wio Lite W600 USB Driver for Windows?J

Just received a Wio Lite W600 but can’t get it to work as Windows can’t find a USB driver for it. Does anyone know where a Windows driver that works with this board is?

I’m also having issues with a driver.

Windows 8.1. Using an admin account on Windows, have installed the board addon and the driver was not installed. The device shows up in Device Manager but I get an error when I try to install the included driver manually.

I also installed the Arduino Zero board addon, that didn’t work either.


Realized I installed the wrong boards definition. Now have the correct one which does not include a driver. Still stuck.

Hi there~

We are generating the driver now and will post the wiki page when it is done. Keep you posted here as well. thanks.

Wanting to know if there is a win8 driver yet?

There you go

Thanks for the link.