Are there program examples available showing access to internet resources?


You can perform the process using the provided AT Command and here is the link: W600 AT Command list

That’s right :wink:

But better it would be to have this function (this time commented yet)

[code]// bool AtWifi::wifiHttpService()
// {

// }[/code]


Did you use the AT-Commands?

I would prefer to use the AtWiFi library.

But, AT commands I used with a SIM800 module.

Below is an update function which sends data to Thingspeak “GET https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/update?xxxxxxx&field1=25.5”. Is there a similar way to do this for WIO600 lite?

</s>void sendUpdate() { if (DEBUG) Serial.println("Prepare Connection to Thingspeak..."); SIM800_Serial.println("at+csq"); delay(minZ); getResponse(); SIM800_Serial.println("at+cipshut"); delay(maxZ); getResponse(); SIM800_Serial.println("at+cstt=\""+ APN +"\",\"\",\"\""); getResponse(); SIM800_Serial.println("at+ciicr");//start wireless connection cellular network getResponse(); SIM800_Serial.println("at+cifsr");//enquire regarding the IP address allocated getResponse(); SIM800_Serial.println("at+cipstart=\"TCP\",\""+ URL +"\",\"80\""); //connect to the ThingSpeak update URL (https://api.thingspeak.com) getResponse(); SIM800_Serial.println("at+cipsend=80");//declare the number of bytes (characters) I want to send getResponse(); SIM800_Serial.print("GET https://"); //this is a constant beginning for the GET command and is as provided by ThingSpeak SIM800_Serial.print(URL); SIM800_Serial.print("/update?"); SIM800_Serial.print(APIKEY); //the channel API key provided by ThingSpeak getResponse(); SIM800_Serial.print("&field1="); getResponse(); SIM800_Serial.println(String(temp));//the value to post to field getResponse(); SIM800_Serial.println("at+cipack");//ask for acknowledge details getResponse(); SIM800_Serial.println("at+cipclose");//close the IP connection getResponse(); }<e>