Wio lite w600 Examples


I recently purchased a wio lite w600 module and am trying to test it.
I installed seeeduino_samd_zero according to the instructions on the homepage, but I can’t find the relevant code in the example.
From Gihub, it seems that the W600 Library has been deleted.
Please check this.

Hi egba,
Im in the same situation than you. I cant find the relevant example in the github repository (the one that the tutorial from seeed studio page indicates).

Please check the tutorial.

Hi there:
we have been updating the lib, as a result, it has compatible with SAMD.

Hi Hansen

Thank you for your help. However, there is no Arduino example in the examples folder, so it cannot be executed. In the current version, there is only log_data.ino, and there are no examples such as ap_mode, ap_mode_lisren, sta_http_get … in step 4 of the execution guide. If you have an example of step4, please share it.

Hi there:
sorry, there only exist one example for now in this lib.

Hi Hansen!

Is it planned to have more samples published?
E.g. webserver, webclient samples could be useful to start with.

@vidist The original factory has a support plan in the future, and we are also looking forward to it.

Earlier there were more samples. Is it correct?

We are also asking about the plans of the original chip manufacturer.

Question: still Wio Lite w600. How is it possible erase wrong code, if the PC does not anymore recognize the device?

You press the reset button twice quickly to go into download mode and then download the code again. @vidist

Thanks @Baozhu, that works! :smiley: