Wio Lite W600 - End of life

Is the Wio Lite W600 considered to be an end of life product.
As the W600 module and the Grove - W600 no longer seem to have any support or receive any replies to questions on this forum.
I currently have three units being engineered into projects by undergraduate students and was wondering whether to continue or to move over to the more ubiquitous ESP8266/8285 or even the ESP32.

Yes, this product is already EOL

hi @Citric,

is the status is the same for wio terminal ?

i have same feeling.??

Hello, Wio Terminal is still supported

Happy to read that !

Sorry for this misunderstanding, I have read your post, because it involves secondary development, and we are currently in China, there is no way to reproduce your situation for testing due to network restrictions. I am very sorry to discuss and solve it with a partner who has the same problem as you.