Wio Lite MG126 as a Central Device (Sniffer?)

Hello, I recently bought a pair of Wio Lites in order to get them to talk to each other as BLE central - peripheral devices. Is this functionality supported? Specifically, can I set one of them up to scan for a broadcasting preset MAC address and trigger an output when it detects the address?

Thanks so much, Jeff

More information is available on macrogiga’s GitHub.

Hi Baozhu, thanks for the quick response. I really appreciate it! I looked through the files on the repo that you linked, but I didn’t see anything about identifying a broadcast ID as a central device. Can you please give me a little more specific direction to the files that will help me?

Many thanks, Jeff

This implementation is the low-level code, and the specific GATT needs to be developed by the users themselves.

Thank you again for your response. Unfortunately, I’m still stuck. Please answer me these questions:

  1. You linked me to the MG127 repo, and I’m using your Wio Lite MG126. How do I get this code loaded in my Arduino library? It appears that there are missing headers (such as “intrinsics.h”).
  2. Is the Observer GAP role supported? Can I get received packet info to be sent to the MCU for data processing?

Thanks again,

Just use the documentation and API.You don’t need to port it.

I’m not sure.This is part of the application layer, and we’re only looking at the low-level when we design this thing.