Wio Lite AI H725AE and LSE

Hello there,

I recently bought this board - Wio Lite AI Single Board:Wio Lite AI: Powerful AI vision development board based on the STM32H725AE chip - Seeed Studio
I tried a basic program with this board via STM32CubeIDE and I can not figure out how to start the on-board LSE. I already tried few settings, but still nothing, the HALs returns timeout from LSE ready. Can you provide information about required settings for getting LSE up? Or is there any know issue with this board (for example in its LSE design)?

I found also this clock settings, but there is just LSI and also this schematic - SeedStudio_Wio_Lite_AI/Wio Lite AI_v1.0_SCH_Final_210715.pdf at main · radiohound/SeedStudio_Wio_Lite_AI (github.com)

@Citric I saw you usually did an answer for questions around this board. Can you give me a hint please?

Thank you
BR, Jan

OK, I found the issue was on my side. It seems the board needs complet power down between changes of LSE drive power. Now it is working and I was able to finish my basic goal.
MCU Info Page: STM32H725xE (Wio-H725AE) · mbed-ce/mbed-os Wiki (github.com)

BR, Jan