Wio Link Project Idea Discussion

Hello Kickstarter Backers,

As many of you started receiving the Wio Link and kits, the next step for you would be to get started and make a project. Therefore we would like to invite you to post your project ideas here in the forum. We also ask more Wio Link users to join this discussion.

Please post your idea in a new thread with #idea at the beginning of the subject line to make it more visible for people who are interested. For more information, please visit iot.seeed.cc

Happy Making !

Project Manager of Wio link

Thanks Bobo,
The Wio Link team have already made some cool projects that may give you some inspiration.
For example
Missed calls indicator

A website to see the environment around you

Smart plant watering without any coding

Remote Dog feeder

Traffic light indicates Travis CI compiled results

Fully automatic monitor Boss Key

I am looking to test out a retail sensor. Use the digital light sensor and or the gesture sensor to see if someone is standing in front of a shelf item. If they pass by simply log the direction, sensor ID, and time stamp for traffic analysis. If the linger, notify a floor clerk to possibly help the customer. May make a quick check to see if item in vicinity is on sale and take that into account.

How can I test for a lingering individual? 1) a long gesture? 2) long light / IR sense? Looking for ideas.

Just got my kit, so need to do some testing to see what works. Will probably use Huginn server instead of IFTTT so I can local host.