WIO LINK iOS App crash after start

I installed the newest version 1.4.1 and the problem still exists!

I am using an iPhone 6 Plus with the latest iOS Version 9.3.1 and 11 GB free memory.

I have exactly the same problem, and same configuration - latest app version, latest iOS version, and iPhone 6S+. It seems to crash just before it populates the “With:” line, as I managed to get a screenshot in the 10ms before it crashes (after starting). The “With:” line is blank.

It was working before the latest app version, but after updating to the latest version (of the app), it stopped. I ended up fixing it by rebooting the iPhone, deleting the Wio Link app, reinstalling it, then running it.

I don’t know if you have to do that every time you want to run it, but I hope that helps.