Wio Link API endpoints?


I just got my Wio Link kit from the Kickstarter campaign, and I’m tinkering around with integrating it in to my Home-Assistant home automation setup using their REST sensor and switch components.

Is there a published endpoint reference for the API? I see the one at [can’t post a URL! seeed-studio[dot]github[dpt]io/Wio_Link/ but that’s more of a light overview. I’m mostly interested in the v1/node/GroveLedWs2812D1/* interactions.

Hi Tony,
in the App, on the detail screen where the Wio Link with the sensors is shown, you can press “API” (next to “Update”). You’ll get the API. The link to the API you can share for example via mail.

Hello Uwe,

Thank you very much for the info. I’d seen the links in the app, and that is how I was able to make some progress already. However, it’s a bit tedious scrolling through API page in the app, and then copy & pasting links from the app back to my development machine. My current project has about 15 API endpoints, and they’re not clearly marked by sensor / method while you;re scrolling through.

I was hoping there was documentation somewhere so I could learn from it from the the comfort of my laptop.

I was digging around in some of the published API docs, and found this is pretty helpful:


Sending a GET to that URL (obviously with your own access token) will result in something like:

{ "name": "[YourWioName]", "well_known": [ "GET /v1/node/GroveAirqualityA0/quality -> int quality", "POST /v1/node/GroveLedWs2812D1/clear/{uint8_t total_led_cnt}/{char *rgb_hex_string}", "POST /v1/node/GroveLedWs2812D1/segment/{uint8_t start}/{char *rgb_hex_string}", "POST /v1/node/GroveLedWs2812D1/start_rainbow_flow/{uint8_t length}/{uint8_t brightness}/{uint8_t speed}", "POST /v1/node/GroveLedWs2812D1/stop_rainbow_flow", "GET /v1/node/GroveBaroBMP085I2C0/temperature -> float temperature", "GET /v1/node/GroveBaroBMP085I2C0/altitude -> float altitude", "GET /v1/node/GroveBaroBMP085I2C0/pressure -> int32_t pressure", "GET /v1/node/GroveDigitalLightI2C0/lux -> uint32_t lux", "GET /v1/node/GroveTempHumD0/humidity -> float humidity", "GET /v1/node/GroveTempHumD0/temperature -> float celsius_degree", "GET /v1/node/GroveTempHumD0/temperature_f -> float fahrenheit_degree" ] }