Wio GPS Board battery connector


today I bought two “Wio GPS Board v1.4 05/15/2017” and wonder which
connector I will need to connect a battery to the board.

All LiPo batteries I have on hand have a slightly bigger JST connector
not fitting into the JST connector on the board.

On http://wiki.seeedstudio.com/wio_gps_board/ the connector is described
as “JST 1.0 connecter for battery”, in the schmematic I read

Unfortunately I could not find out from your documentation and by
internet research what the exact specification / supplier part number of
this connector is and what item I need to order to connect a battery.

Please let me know which connector fits and if you know a shop where I
can buy batteries already having the right connector or an adapter.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards


Hi Philip,

It is JST1.0 2 pin connector.

JST-2P-SMD-90D stands for the JST1.0 2pin connector. We can change the name as JST1.0 2 pins and eliminate the confusion in future products. the pin distance is 1.0mm. you can refer to below link for the cables.



best rgds