Wio-E5 mini physical dimensions

I have an older version of Eagle that will not open the Wio-E5 mini .brd file. Since my Eagle is an “own” version, I will not upgrade to the “rental”. I do need the physical dimensions of the board so that I can make a library part in Eagle. This board will be included in at least two new products.

Please help me acquire the physical dimensions and pad placement details.

Thank you

Sorry I don’t quite understand, but is it the Wio E5 size you want?
Extremely Compacted Size: 12mm * 12mm * 2.5mm 28 pins SMT

LoRaWAN-E5 Mini, SKU 113990939. In particular pad arrangement. I have one now, so I think I can measure it with sufficient accuracy.


I have searched the company’s file repository and could not find a PCB file drawing for this board, and as we do not have it on hand at the moment, there is no way to give you very accurate measurements for the time being. If you have the board in hand, I suggest you take a vernier caliper and measure it.