Wio-E5-LE mini Dev Board - P2P LORA

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I’ve seen the example with the SEEED Xiao and Grove Wio-E5 doing p2p, but was wondering if it could do LORA p2p using just the Wio-E5-LE mini Dev Boards? I haven’t seen an example of this but if anyone has done it, I would love to see an example?

Thanks for any links, advice or input!


Youtubes algorithm is pretty fast - This answers it for me WIO-E5 P2P - Youtube

This is an example of point-to-point communication by writing a sketch directly on the LoRa-E5mini, although it does not use AT commands.

Programming LoRa-E5 with Arduino, LoRa-E5 mini Point to Point Comminucation over 10 km

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing! That looks like a perfect example!