WIO digital outputs not changing

I have set up the WIO app on an IPad 3. I set I/0 0 as digital output. When I use the API in the app, and Post ON and OFF to I/O 0, the pins on the I/O connector marked 12 and 14 stay low.

I have also tried a recipe in IFTT, again trying to toggle the I/O pins with no change.

Hi rogersan,

what is the response under your Test Request?
And what is the instruction you post in the test request? 1 and 0 ? or ON and OFF?

In fact , even though there are four pins in the digital 0(3V3, GND,and two IO pins) ,some of them may be NC when it is setted as a general digital output, according to the configuration of grove interface. I have test that the pin 12 is NC.And the pin 14 is HIGH when I post 1, then it turns LOW when I post 0. :slight_smile: Every thing goes well.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I am using the API supplied with the WIO app. This gives the choice of using Post to set the digital output to On or Off. The response back is normal.

I hope the API is actually sending messages to the WIO.

I notice that when you update the firmware (to change an I/O port) then the blue LED on the WIO flashes quickly. However when you POST (from the API in the WIO app) the blue LED just keeps flashing slowly.

Does the API in the WIO app actually send the messages?

If it does send the messages is it possible that they are being blocked by my firewall?