Wio configuration problem

Hello, I’m get my wio yesterday, but I’m stucked in config process…

App installed yesterday, touch in the + (add), then press the config switch, find wio, select Wi-Fi, type password and wio name. I see a message teling “send Wi-Fi settings” after a message “wait board get up” and after a error came tell can’t connect can’t find board.

The Wi-Fi settings are correct. I try the “bricked board” procedure from advanced user guide but after procedure same happens.

All leds work properly (breathing blue when in config, 2 blinks off 1 second after boot)

Serial debug works too (show same info as in advanced user guide)

Thank you for help and sorry my bad English…

Jansen Arruda


I seem to have the same problem(s)

You can also have a look by Google(ing) ‘Github wio’ and look in the issues section. Specifically #4 might have some ideas for you. I’ve had no luck


I have some updates. I manage to work. I try the config procedure from another android phone and works like a charm.

Phone that not work: Nexus 5 and nexus 7 with android 6.0.1
Phone that work: Nexus 4 with android 5.1.1

The wio software was the same in all situations.

thank you for your help and hope this work to you.


You get the point…

Cause the new Android Permission System in Android 6 and later. If we wanna accessing the WiFi in App, should open Location Service first.

More details: code.google.com/p/android/issue … ?id=185370