Wio board holder

As I was experimenting with the Wio board, I constantly feared that one of the Grooves may come into contact with metal pieces on my work desk. There was just so many short cables and small boards “flopping” all over the place. So I made a board that can hold the Wio and all the Grooves neatly in place.

It is 3D printable. Pictures and the model file can be found here:


No glue, no screws - everything just held in place with small pegs and friction so that it is easy to change around.

Just sharing in case somebody else finds this useful too.


nice work

what will be the cost ???

I have no 3D printer :frowning:

I love it, i will make same. Thanks for your file.

Your best option would be to use one of the many services companies that do 3D printing on demand. I really have no idea how much that would cost, but if you pick someone local I can’t imagine it being very expensive.

Very useful, simple solution than Lego.

The seeed have 3D Printing Server: seeedstudio.com/service/index.php?r=st/3d

This is just brilliant. Thanks for sharing!

This makes the desk look neat! Really nice! Thanks for sharing! So good to have a 3D printer neatby.

Better if it can collect the wire in neat too. :slight_smile: